Emerald Group Est 1998

Most of the world knows the most desirable boats in the 18' to 40' range, are built in North America. The worldwide demand for these safe, strong, and dependable boats has risen steadily for the past 40 years or so, and Emerald Group has been involved in sales and exporting since 1998.

We associate the most desirable independent U. S. boat manufacturers, only ones with a proven history of consistent quality, with the most competent, responsible, and qualified International Marine Dealers.

Only certain dealers and manufacturers who have clearly demonstrated the highest levels of proficiency and integrity over a long period of time are considered to become our associates. To apply, see Contact page

If you are an individual purchaser, feel free to contact us about your desired vessel, and we will respond to you with the most respected, qualified, and economical dealer to fit your needs anywhere in the world.

If you are unsure of exactly what vessel you want, the dealer we refer will provide expert advice on the most practical vessel for your desires and conditions. All consultations are always completely free of charge.

International  Representatives

for Worldwide Marine Dealers 

and U.S. Boat Manufacturers